Wearing Contact Lenses


Before we start: Wash your hands with soap (preferably non-perfumed, antibacterial liquid soap), rinse, and then dry with a lint-free towel. It is a good idea to always wear your contact lenses in the same order (for example, always right eye first). This that way, you don't mess up your lenses. Make sure the lens is not reversed. To do this, put the lens on the tip of your finger and hold it against the light. If its edges are turned outwards, it is in reverse. If it looks like a straight-sided bowl, it's straight, so it's ready to be installed. Some lenses have 123 markings. With this mark, you can easily tell if the lens is reversing. If the numbers are in the correct order, the lens is on the right side.

Therefore, no matter what type of contact lens is used, even for cosmetic purposes only, it should be taken and used after the doctor's examination. The lenses are now soft and easy to apply. Especially those who wear glasses understand the difference and quickly switch to contact lenses. Hygiene and application According to the rule of thumb, the lens kit allows you to see every angle clearly as if you are driving, while you are in front of the computer and you have no eye defects. Advantages of wearing contact lenses over glasses: Lenses show objects in their true size. Lenses provide a wider field of view. Side vision in glasses is poor. Lenses do not fog up in the transition from cold to warm environment. In the glasses, there may be evaporation and therefore clear vision. Sunglasses can be worn when using lenses. Glasses make it difficult to wear sunglasses. Lenses do not weigh on the face. Glasses, on the other hand, are uncomfortable. Lenses do not bother you during sports, dance and other activities.

How the lens should be worn is a question asked by every person who uses or will use a lens for the first time. If you haven't done so before, the application process may seem a little strange at first. After all, we have a reflex of keeping objects out of our eyes, right? Relax. Fitting contact lenses is an incredibly easy process and we're here to explain every step of the process. It takes some practice but you can easily do it in a short time. Contact Lens is a tool to eliminate eye defects and a health product that we can use visually easily in our daily lives. There are features that you should consider before using lenses. One of them is to buy Contact lenses without knowing our measurements by shopping by heart. However, contact lenses that are not suitable for your eyes will cause problems.

Keep your eyes open. To prevent blinking, gently hold your upper eyelid with your free hand. With the lens on the tip of your finger, pull down your lower eyelid with the other fingers of your hand where the lens is not. Placement of the lens; Place the lens in your eye, keeping your hand still and looking up. Then gently release your eyelid and close your eye momentarily so that the lens snaps into place. Repeat the same steps for your other eye.

The complete guide to use Contact Lenses in 2020