Lens Use

The Use Of Contact Lensess

While putting on and removing your lenses, falling on a hard surface or applying with excessive pressure may deform your lens and cause it to break or scratch the lens surface. Except for the solutions you use daily, you should definitely disinfect your hard lenses with oxygen cleaning solutions such as protein, oil and lipid deposits (Wöhlk Peroxid - Aosept Plus) on the lens once a week or at a time interval appropriate to the eye structure. Thanks to this care, you will not spoil the vision quality of your lens and you will protect the life of your lens.

Before putting on your lenses, make sure that the lens is clean and free from any residue by holding it towards any light source in your hand. Before putting on your lenses such as semi-rigid Hybrid (Clear Kone or Eye Brid) with soft-to-the-middle edges, they must be filled with artificial tears and attached using a suction cup. Like all contact lenses, artificial tear drops should be used in gas-permeable hard lenses. Because the lenses feed on your tears and reduce the tear level in the tear fountain over time. The eye loses its moisture and dryness occurs due to this. In general, dry eyes experience stinging, burning, blood and blurred vision problems. You can easily use your drops with your lenses in your eyes. You can get your eye drops from our website Lensevi.com.

It is inconvenient to enter the sea, the pool and the shower while wearing contact lenses. It causes eye irritation and conjunctivitis (infection). For Hard and Semi-rigid (Hybrid) Lenses; The basic hygiene rules of gas-permeable hard lenses do not differ with other lenses. Hard lenses such as glass bottles etc. Comes in their packaging. You should definitely check and keep your contact lenses with your lens numbers and date. o You can easily remove your Semi-Hard lenses from the glass bottle using lens tweezers.

Using it without complying with hand hygiene rules harms our health, while wearing and removing your contact lenses during application may scratch them with your nails and cause deep scratches and tears. Every time you put on and take off your lenses, you should definitely drop some solution into your palm and wash your lenses by massaging them with your finger and put them in the lens container. Thus, you can also provide kinetic cleaning. When wearing lenses in your eyes, keep away from the face and eye area when using alcohol-containing products such as hair spray and perfume.

Lenses should definitely be worn before make-up, and then eye makeup should be applied. The aim here is that any makeup residue does not harm the eye by remaining between the cornea and the lens. Pay attention to the routine cleaning conditions of your contact lenses. Your lens is exposed to protein, fatty acid and lipid deposits throughout the day. These residues accumulate on the surface of the lens and create stains. For this reason, we recommend that they be cleaned with daily disinfectant solutions for at least 4 hours, including lenses that can stay in the eye at night. When applying contact lenses, you should take care that your nails are short.

Lenses other than Silicone Hydrogel material lenses (Breathable lenses) should definitely be put into the solution after being worn daily in the morning and then removed in the evening. In this way, both your eyes should be rested and the lenses should be sterilized. You can check whether the lens you bought is a Silicone Hydrogel material lens (Breathable lens) from the product features on our site.

The use of contact lenses has become even easier thanks to the comfortable and convenient lenses available today. The most important point to be considered in lens use is the Lens Care and Technical Application phase. For Soft Contact Lenses (Numbered or Cosmetic); Never use your lenses after their expiration date. Pay attention to the lifetime of your lenses; All lenses have a lifetime. Lifetime is the time that can be used after the product is opened, and the expiration date is the last date the lens can be opened. The lifetime of the lenses are available both on the products and in the product features sections on our site, please observe these lifetimes for your own eye health.

If you want to remove your hard lenses before going to bed or during the day, you should use products such as hard lens solution (Boston or Wöhlk Aufbewahrung). In your semi-hard Hybrid lenses, you should use products such as soft lens solution (Bio True, Optıfree, Pure Moist). You can do sports with all types of contact lenses and easily wear contact lenses under the supervision of a doctor in all age groups.