Honey Lenses


You can get more prominent and striking eyes with make-up compatible with your honey color lens. Hazel eyes are the luckiest eyes because they are in the color range of both green and brown eyes. They can take advantage of these advantages and use any shade from dark purple to light pink. They can use all the colors we recommend. They can try all of them and find the eyeshadow that suits them best. Since hazel eyes are always in different shades during the day, every color of eyeshadow is very good for hazel eyes. But it is any shade of brown that fits best. Other colors he can use besides brown; orange, copper, bronze, purple and mother-of-pearl are natural colors. The most beautiful make-up that people with hazel eye color will make starts with a light orange from the eye fountain and a darker and matte finish towards the end of the eye. shading with brown. Then you can have a flawless look with eyeliner and then mascara that you will apply perfectly on the bottom of the eyelashes with a thin tail.

Lenses with honey-foam color tones are more effective for eyes that are close to elas and light dark brown. You can increase the depth of your eyes by capturing the ideal honey tones in your eyes. Honey foam lenses that adapt directly to the eyes with new smart fit technologies: Hazel and It is very effective for dark eyes close to the elite. These colored lenses, which are rarely noticed by those who wear honey colored lenses, are also effective in protecting eye health and removing many different functional disorders of the eyes. Honey-colored lenses can be used for all eye colors to which honey foam colors will adapt quickly.

Honey-colored contact lenses are among the popular colors. The most ideal colors for this; Freshlook Honey, Pure Hazel and AQ Colors Gold, AQ Colors Hazel, Soptive Honey, Rainbow Hazel shades. You can have the magnificent beauty of hazel (honey) color with your contact lenses. Honey-colored lenses are among the first choices of many users because they provide a natural harmony in the eye and give an extremely saturated eye color. takes place. In order to have honey color, your eye color must be hazel and dark eye color. The reason will be intertwined with your eye color in the lower layer and will not grin in your eyes. Those who prefer honey-colored lenses will use green yellow eyeshadow. Can be used in shades.

Dark tones should star The colors that best suit hazel eyes are generally dark tones. Smoky eye makeup is one of the makeup styles that make the eyes stand out and make the eye color more pronounced. Especially dark gray and black tones are perfect with your eye color it will create a contrast. While applying smoky eye make-up, apply a thin headlight on the lower eyelashes. Purple, damson and magenta tones clearly emphasize the green side of hazel eyes. Dark shades of these color headlights can make your eyes look like green. Metal Gray matte plum color will suit you well. Golden yellow and bronze tones are the colors parallel to the hazel eye color. You will see how beautiful your eyes look when you combine golden eyeshadow and bronze tones and try them. You should also have a bronze colored stick headlight. Hazel eyes should not be shy about colored eye makeup. Because there is almost no color that does not suit hazel eyes. You can make your eyes more prominent with vivid and bright eye make-up. Green, blue, orange, pink, yellow .. All these colors will suit the hazel eye color and make it more prominent. You can try such vivid color eye makeup especially for party and festival makeup. Night makeup for hazel eyes. If we put the procession into the colored eye category, it is important to determine the colors that will reveal itself accordingly. Smoky eye makeup with dark brown can be indispensable for the night. On the other hand, bronze tones and oranges can help you create an effective eye makeup by contrasting the green in your eyes. However, it is important that shades such as bronze or orange have metallic finishes. Metallic finishes show themselves better in cream form. You can choose your headlight in this direction. Since it can be too assertive for the day, this color eye makeup looks better at night. Likewise, the same is true for bronze.