Green Lens


 If you are thinking about which color lipstick is more compatible with green eyes, we recommend burgundy, pinkish, peach and pink tones. On the other hand, you should stay away from colors with brown undertones. Metallic gray, silver and other shades of gray dull and mechanize the green eye. That's why you should stay away from silver tones. What you can do to your green eyes. The greatest evil would be to use silver glitters. Gold and copper glitters, which will perfectly harmonize with the headlights in green and brown tones, will suit you much more. Silver will also make them look dull as it will make your gaze look unnatural.

After using metallic brown and copper tones in green eye makeup, there is one last step you need to follow: Although the application of a mascara that separates and highlights the eyelashes one by one seems assertive, you can use its shades. You can choose peach, apricot and salmon colors. It makes green eyes look bright and lively. You can use shades of red and red to highlight your eyes. Thanks to red, the contrast of green, all the attention will be on her green eyes. This season It is useful to examine the very popular redeye makeup. Thanks to red, the contrast of green, all the attention will be on her green eyes. Very popular this season It is useful to examine the red eye makeup. Red eyes are good. You can achieve an ideal night make-up by combining red eye makeup with bronze eyeshadow. Green to your green eyes and We do not recommend wearing blue. Since black eye makeup will also shade the eye color, you should also remove your black eyeshadows from your makeup bag. Smoky eye for your green eyes When applying the make-up, you can apply the brown eyeshadow with a thin eyeshadow brush to define the eyelashes. Intensively applying brown tinted eyeshadow to the bottom of the eyelashes it will make your eyes look bigger than they are.

Green eyes look best with brown, damson, copper, gold and khaki headlights. When these difference colors, which make green eyes stand out, are also in a metallic finish, the eyes are more. It becomes stunning. Let's get to what shades you should use to define the eye lines. Green-eyed wondering what color eyeliner to use. Our first warning to you is to stay away from black eyeliner, black eyeliner and black mascara. Because black hardens your gaze and drowns your eye color. To make your green eyes even clearer, you can apply a smoky eye make-up by using eyeshadow shades such as brown, copper and damson with a metallic finish.

The lenses, which started to be produced for both treatment and cosmetic preferences, are offered to users with different striking and remarkable color tones. Although it is also used in numbers; Unnumbered green lenses are particularly common among women. Lens types are mostly: Light green lenses, Emerald green lens, Leaf Green Pistachio Green Moire green lenses, Green lens for brown eyes, Special green lenses for dark skin, etc. You can buy green lenses in many different alternatives. These lenses, which are very advantageous in terms of use, increase your vision while at the same time It will give a deep meaning and sparkle. Color lens preferences generally; dark / light skin color, natural eye color, hair type and color, etc. It is made according to the elements. If you have any vision problems in your eyes the functionality of the lenses should be considered first. If you are wondering what shades of eye makeup green eyes should wear, the answer is very simple!

If you want a glittery makeup, you can consider gold tones. We recommend that you stay away from black eyeliner, black eyeliner and black mascara. Black hardens the eyes and drowns the color of the eyes. Eyeliner instead, You can choose mascara and eyeliner in dark brown tones. If you have big eyes, you should apply dark eyeshadow tones towards the ends of your eyelids and light tones towards the bottom. If your eyelids are low, you can do the opposite. You can choose an eyeliner or eyeliner in chocolate brown or gray tones. In addition, you can apply gold, brown or gray tones under your eyes. A pencil will help you define your eye color.