Color Lens Selection According to Eye Colors

Color Lens Selection According to Eye Color

Today, with the development of lens technology, it is not at all difficult to achieve the eye color you dream of. We can give you a few tips to find your contact lens for you and your eye base.

How Should be the Color Lens Selection for Brown-Hazel Eye?

    50% of the world population has brown and hazel eye color. This means that most of the colored contact lenses are produced in accordance with these eye colors. Of course, there is no pattern like "then every color will adapt". Factors such as the brand of lenses, being natural-looking, and moire-free will make it difficult for you to decide. If we talk about colored contact lenses that are ideal for hazel and brown eyes;

Blue Color Contact Lens;

You can have wonderful blue eyes by choosing a natural looking, quality lens. If your eye color is dark brown, you can make it easier to hide your eye color by choosing colors such as bright blue. If dark blue eyes with black lenses are insufficient to cover your eye color, you can get eye color in dark blue tones. If you have eyes in hazel shades compared to brown eyes, the colors will of course be more distinctive.

Green Colored Contact Lenses;

   You can easily capture naturalness with green lenses. Hazel and brown eyes will adapt to green tones more easily due to their structure. It is among the most preferred colors and its production is quite high.

Gray Color Lenses;

Gray lenses are frequently preferred and therefore produced in different color and eye line shades. If you choose the right shade of gray lenses for your eye tone, it is not even a job to have different and striking looks.

Honey Color Lenses;

Honey lenses will be the right choice if you have dark eye color for hazel and procession. The lenses will provide a very natural look and you will be able to catch the honey tone you want.

Apart from these colors, you may have preferences. You can wish your eyes to look brighter or darker. Regardless of your wish, of course, if you want the color to be certain and also look natural, you should choose the brand you will use very well. The color of your skin, your hair color and even the makeup you apply are effective in achieving the result.

How Should be the Selection of Color Lenses for Light Eyes?

  It is a fact that those with colored eyes have more difficulty in choosing lenses. It may not be easy to get the right color as it does not already have a standard tone. If you are colored eyes and want to use colored contact lenses, we recommend that you prefer moire lenses first. Thanks to the frame around it, you can hide the background color more easily and get a more natural different color. For colored eyes, we can say that the use of lenses in green, light brown and gray tones is intense and more natural results are obtained.

Do not forget that hygiene should be given the same importance for lens use, whether for cosmetic or therapeutic purposes. Consult your doctor before using lenses. For detailed information about colors, please contact us.