Color Lens For Astigmatic Eyes

Color Lens for Astigmatic Eyes 



Let's talk about some astigmatism before using colored lenses in eyes with astigmatism;

If you have astigmatic eyes;

You will see blurry when looking at objects near or far.

• If you see blurry while reading, you should know that you are not alone in this matter. Astigmatism is a very common problem.

Simply put, astigmatism is a discomfort caused by a cornea or lens that goes into an irregular shape.

• The cornea, which is responsible for cutting the light coming into our eyes from a few points from outside, by cutting at a single point and focus, cannot collect the lights in a single focus or point when it loses its roundness. As a result, images appear blurry.

• The quality of vision can be improved by using lenses in this disease caused by deformation of the cornea.

Although the choice of lenses decreases as vision impairment increases or diversifies, patients with astigmatism refraction can also use colored lenses.

There are not many color options to choose from.


 45 Toric lenses we sell from our site; These are lenses with green, blue and gray toric lenses. 

With Rainbow Chromatic Lenses, you can have colored eyes and find a solution to your health problem.


Rainbow colors toric lenses can be produced in giallo, sky blue, emarald green and gray colors.

These lenses we are talking about are specially produced and manufactured in accordance with the eye values ​​of the patient. After examining your doctor, you can send us your prescription and complete your order.