Blue Lens
Blue Lens

While bronze or copper alone looks quite ordinary in another eye color, these colors appear deeper in blue eyes and add depth to the look. Since orange is in contrasting harmony with blue, it emphasizes the color of your eyes more. If you think orange is too much of an exaggeration, you can soften it by blending it with bronze color or you can go for a little more peach and apricot tones. One of the favorite colors of blue eyes is damson and its shades. The color of your eyes looks more vivid and bright with a shadow or pencil of these colors. Even pastel pinks also create an extra romantic atmosphere in blue eyes. When using orange, brown and bronze tones, apply more intensely to the bottom of the eyelashes and lighter as you go above the eyelid. If you are going to make a tail with headlights for your eyes, the tail part should be more open. It is appropriate to be in the interior, as dark colors emphasize the eye.

Make-up Suggestions for Blue Eye Color. You can get smoky and deep looks by framing it with black eyeliner to highlight brown, orange, beige eyeshadow from the earth color family groups of those who use blue lenses. The contrast of blue color is orange. Orange sub-toned headlights look great on blue eyes. You can get a great summer makeup by mixing orange eyeshadow with light brown tones in summer makeup. In winter makeup, the best friend of blue eyes is brown. All shades of brown look great on blue eyes! You can highlight your blue eyes with light brown eyeshadow in your daily make-up, and you can use dark brown smoky eye makeup for night make-up. As black eyeliner looks very sharp on blue eyes, we usually recommend using brown eyeliner or eyeliner. You should use brown eyeshadow palettes to make your blue eyes appear brighter and stand out. One of the most important colors that emphasize blue eyes and bring out the brightness of the color are copper and bronze tones. You can make shadowy make-up with these colors and use them as a single color if you want.

The dream of having colored eyes is now becoming reality thanks to lenses. Blue contact lenses come in many different shades. Things to consider when choosing blue lenses: Bright blue tones for people with dark brown eyes. For eyes close to black, the use of blue-tinted lenses to hide the eye color can cause a dark blue color. Blue lenses will look more prominent in people with brown and fuzzy eye color. Your natural eye color and the color lens properties to be used are the most important factors to consider. People who want to hide their original color with lenses should choose the right color tones of blue and catch the ideal color. Although the blue color tones look pale when you first wear them, you can get a successful look and glowing eyes with the right makeup tones.

The expectation of colored lens wearers is that it looks natural and does not cause discomfort. Especially the lenses produced with moire (framed) and silicone hydrogel have achieved this success. Blue colored contact lenses are striking and assertive colors generally preferred by blond and white skinned people. Brands with natural designs Freshlook Moire Blue, Brilliant Blue, AQ Colors Blue and AQ Colors Magic Blue, Sophictic Magic Blue lenses will provide you with the natural look you want. Moire Color lenses add an image other than the eye's own image, and this makes the eye look bigger than it is, making the eye stand out. This type of lens, which is especially preferred by green and blue colored lens users, disrupts the natural appearance of the eyes and makes even those who do not wear make-up look like they are wearing make-up. The lenses with moire, which are preferred because they make the color clear, are very useful and look very stylish especially on special occasions.

Never apply blue headlights to blue eyes! At most, draw a blue pencil on your lower lashes. This will look better. Pearlescent gray-blues and thick eyeliners are the most preferred sophisticated make-up style for blue eyes, especially in night make-up. Blacks should of course be, but navy blue and brown mascaras will be a very good choice as they brighten the "eye white" of blue eyes and make a different reflection. it is generally weak. Determining the shape of the eyebrows with a pencil in the tone of the hair frames the makeup. It makes a clearer look. Since black eyeliner creates a bad look on pale eyes, you can choose dark gray or navy blue tones instead of black eyeliner. As a result of this application, both tones will create a pleasant frame effect on your eyes and help the blue tone to appear prominent and vivid. Since the contrast colors of blue are red and orange, you can use these contrasting colors on your face to expose your eyes. Gray is also an impressive color for blue eyes. This color, which turns the color of your eyes slightly blue-gray, allows you to get more misty and blurred looks.

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